A batter cannot control what pitch the pitcher throws any more than they can control the call an umpire makes. At Ozone, we teach players to recognize things in sports and life they can Control and things they cannot control. Those Controllable things are ATTITUDE and EFFORT.

Attitude includes how you treat teammates, coaches, umpires, and fans. It includes how you handle your emotions when you fail, the ump makes a bad call, or a teammate make a mistake. You ultimately are responsible for Controlling your reactions.

Effort is a conscious exertion of power, hard work. Hard work is intentional and does not just mean practice. Effort is required when no one is watching. It is necessary when running on and off the field or beating out a ground ball. The amount of effort or hard work you put into everything you do is totally up to you.


Your Creator dreamed dreams for you before your were born and
skillfully wove them into your DNA along with the ability to find and fulfill them. Your life's pursuit is to find what your Maker has
dreamed for you.


What are your dreams for the future?


God wants you to dream, create, and plan. Yes you were created to dream and doing so in partnership with God is one of His greatest gifts to you.  Those dreams accomplished are to be measured with heavens approval rather than by earth's applause, and making a name is to be replaced with making a difference.

                                                               - Dream by Dutch Sheets