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OZONE SPORTS INSTITUTE provides training to individuals from youth to mature and amateur to professional. Since 2006, we have been helping students to improve on their required physical fitness tests, athletes to gain more skills to compete in their sport, and gone on site to train entire school teams and athletic programs.


In 2018 Ozone SI expanded its training to meet the needs of home school families in North Georgia.  Homeschool PE Classes will be held at Georgia Octane Sportsplex located in Cumming, GA at 100 Orchard Pkwy, 30040.



To register, choose one of the following options:

  1. Download the free Ozone Sports Institute app

    1. Register your son(s) or daughter(s)

    2. Choose the services menu select Ozone SI Homeschool PE

    3. This screen will prompt you to choose from four different options:

      1. $15.00 – Homeschool PR 2018 Spring Single Session

      2. $100.00 – Homeschool PE Spring 2019 (first child)

      3. $75.00 – Homeschool PE Spring 2019 (second child)

      4. $55.00 – Homeschool PE Fall 2019 (third child)​​

  2. Contact Becca Gunyon

    1. 678-779-8256


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