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Ozone Baseball History​

Years ago we began playing competitive sports and developed a love for competition and specifically, the game of baseball. We spent hours playing the game, practicing to get better, and listening to coaches/instructors. The Owings Brothers (Josh, Micah, and Jon Mark) went for personal instruction and developed many relationships that we continue to talk today about.


By the grace of God, the hard work, the hours of practice and competition, we can play at the next level.  As a family we wanted a place in our home town where we can share our experience, teach our love of the game, and encourage others in their pursuit of ‘Living’ the Dream!’  The Ozone began as a result of the Obros’ Christmas camp, which continues to take place every Christmas!

Ozone Sports Vision

Our business is built around helping aspiring athletes achieve their personal goals of improvement in athletics, with a focus on baseball players! Choosing to learn a sport is great; choosing to become good at the sport takes discipline, dedication, and solid instruction.

We provide a wide range of training, from beginner to intermediate to professional level sports training, instruction, speed, strength and agility development. We create a specific training program for each individual and group that we work with. 

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